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Workplace Seminars

We are a charity that aims to make money a force for good in New Zealand. One of the ways we do this is through providing transparency on investment funds (KiwiSaver and Investment funds) so New Zealanders can make decisions that fit their personal values.

Would your staff/coworkers like to know where their money is going?

We offer free workplace seminars, these take around 30-45 minutes and will empower your employees to take control of their finances.

Many Kiwis care deeply about climate change, the environment, and social issues but they don’t know that their money can be supporting the production of nuclear weapons, modern slavery, or animal testing.

We have now done a number of seminars in values-aligned organisations, such as local government, NGOs, and corporates with strong sustainability commitments. They are often organised for a lunchtime or around a staff meeting and can be done in person or online.


Feedback from previous seminars:
  • This wee tool is quite addictive and I have shown so many others and they have been shocked. Thanks for bringing this awareness to us
  • Mindful Money helped me find the Kiwi Saver fund that best fits my ethics. I now feel secure that I am only investing in industries and practices that I agree with, there are no hidden costs to people, animals or the environment.
  • Mindful Money makes considered, ethical investing simple. It allows you to interrogate different funds from a range of perspectives to align with your values. The information is clearly presented and you can get into quite granular detail if you wish.