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Make your money a force for good

Mindful Money is a charity that makes it quick and easy for you to invest your money ethically.

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Are you investing in weapons?

Did you know that $190 million of our collective KiwiSaver funds are invested in the production of weapons?

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We've done the research so you don't have to. It’s quick, easy, and free to find out exactly where your money is going.

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Invest in the future you want to see

Your KiwiSaver fund or investment funds are invested in companies on your behalf. These investments have real-world consequences and it's your choice what they are.

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Everyone's values are different. You can find a KiwiSaver fund or Investment fund that fits your values through our Fund Finder tool. Complete three questions and we will provide you with fund suggestions that suit your values and investment criteria.

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Latest News

  • Aotearoa New Zealand Investor Coalition For Net Zero

    Mindful Money has initiated a new coalition of organisations to accelerate climate action by New Zealand’s asset owners (the trusts and foundations, iwi, churches and others that own pools of funds) and fund managers (the KiwiSaver and investment providers that manage the funds).

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  • Has your KiwiSaver fund been funding Putin's war?

    New Zealanders have been deeply concerned that their funds have been invested in Russian government bonds and in Russian companies with ties to the Kremlin. They are rightly outraged at the invasion of Ukraine and the suffering of millions of people.

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  • What is Responsible Investment?

    Most investment has traditionally focused only on financial returns and risks. This means the financial world has been separated from the impacts that arise from investment decisions. The consequences of decisions like selling cigarettes to children or clear-cutting native forests have not been taken into account. If there is a good financial return, investors have ignored the real world impact.

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