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Mindful Money Go Live

Mon July 8th 2019

Mindful Money, a new ethical investment platform, provides radical transparency on KiwiSaver funds and empowers users to invest for good.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s in your KiwiSaver account, now you can find out. Mindful Money has analysed all 260 KiwiSaver funds, and can tell you whether your money is invested in fossil fuels that cause climate change, or in companies that violate human rights or test cosmetics on animals.

This is something that most New Zealanders tell us they want to know. But it’s hard to find out. So, we’ve set up Mindful Money to do the hard work and provide you with the information. Now all you need to do is enter the name of your KiwiSaver fund and we will let you know what you’re invested in.

You might be surprised. The public tell us they want funds to avoid issues that harm people and the environment. Yet, only 1% of KiwiSaver funds have policies to avoid sectors like gambling, pornography and alcohol. And only 2% avoid investing in exploration and production of fossil fuels. Find out what’s in your fund.

But knowing what’s in your fund is only part of the solution. If you’ve ever thought about investing ethically, you might have been put off, because it’s not easy to do the research and compare the options.

Now Mindful Money makes it easy. We help you to find the fund that fits. It’s free, quick and easy to switch your KiwiSaver. We help you to find a fund that reflects your investment aims, your values and your risk preferences. We’ve done the research and provide you with the options for credible funds so you can choose. You can feel good about your KiwiSaver.

Your investment can make a difference. We’re a charity because we want to shift investment in companies away from pollution and exploitation towards companies with high standards. Our aim is to make investing a force for good. This shift of investment is crucial for the transition to zero climate emissions, to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and to improve wellbeing, in New Zealand and overseas. Your KiwiSaver funds can do good instead of doing harm.

Being ethical doesn’t mean lower returns. In fact, the weight of research says that, on average, ethical funds provide financial returns that as high or higher than conventional investment. And the risks are generally lower. Your ethical KiwiSaver funds can earn good returns.

Feel good, do good, earn good returns.

The right question isn’t why invest ethically. It’s why not!

This launch of our KiwiSaver website marks the start of our campaign. We want to work with all those who share our aspirations for change towards sustainability, public health, social equity, gender equality, labour rights and other human rights, animal welfare and a stable and safe climate. We are planning outreach and events to empower all New Zealanders, young and old, from all ethnicities and walks of life, to make an informed choice about their investments.

Ultimately we want all $56 billion invested in KiwiSaver accounts to be invested ethically. We’re working on the next stage, which is to broaden our scope to include other investment funds, including opportunities for investing in positive social and environmental outcomes. It’s time that money serves the interests of society, rather than the other way around.

Please join us. Switch your KiwiSaver account to a more ethical fund, or open a new one. Sign up to hear about news, events and campaigns. Share the story. Help us build a Mindful Money movement!

To check your KiwiSaver and find a fund that fits, visit

Barry Coates

Founder and CEO of Mindful Money.