FMA sets expectations for issuers of ‘green’ and ‘responsible’ funds

Tue Dec. 15th 2020

The “Disclosure framework for integrated financial products” guidance shows the FMA is ready to take into account a wider scope of investor outcomes than just financial returns.

Highlights from the IoD breakfast event on climate-related disclosures

Mon Dec. 14th 2020

Published by the Institute of Directors. The original article can be found here. Reporting requirements, impacts, and opportunities In January 2020, when the IoD published …

Ethical funds perform well through Covid economic crisis

Sat Oct. 24th 2020

When oil shares tanked during the Covid-19 pandemic cut, ethical fund managers who had excluded fossil fuels from their funds could have been forgiven for saying, “I told you so”. Around the world lockdowns cut household petrol consumption, and depressed economic activity combined with a near collapse in air travel resulted in less fossil fuel being burnt by industry. Oil company Chevron’s share price was US$120​ at the end of December. At the end of the following September, it was just US72​. BP shares went from £472​ to £226​.

Inside the Black Box of New Zealand Investment Funds

Sun Sept. 27th 2020

A recent report by Mindful Money, Inside the Black Box of New Zealand Investment Funds, shows there is $1.6 billion of KiwiSaver and retail investment funds invested in fossil fuel companies. At a time when the transition to a clean energy future is well underway, why would managers of KiwiSaver funds and retail investment funds still be heavily invested in fossil fuels? It is clearly not for financial reasons.

Seminar Series: Managing Climate Risk, Enhancing Climate Action

Tue Sept. 15th 2020

Mindful Money welcomes today’s announcement by the Minister for Climate Change requiring mandatory reporting on climate risks. This provides the basis for transparency and accountability for climate risks, impacts and action.

If you want a future, vote climate.

Sun Sept. 6th 2020

Despite the ongoing challenge of Covid-19, it is climate change that should be at the forefront of New Zealanders' minds when they go to vote, says Rod Oram

Behind the ball on the Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) front

Tue Sept. 1st 2020

The revolution sweeping the world of finance and investment stems primarily from the realisation that Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) factors affect the financial performance of companies.

Responsible Investing: Explained

Mon Aug. 31st 2020

Article written by InvestNow What is ‘Responsible Investing’? From a Fund Manager perspective, Responsible Investing is essentially a values-based approach to selecting the underlying investments within a managed fund; And from an Investor perspective, Responsible Investing is identifying and selecting managed funds that employ a responsible investing strategy; or selecting companies/shares that meet a responsible investing standard.

Why are billions still being invested in places Kiwis want to avoid?

Tue Aug. 25th 2020

Radio New Zealand's Kathryn Ryan talks to Barry Coates of Mindful Money, which has conducted new research into New Zealand's investment funds.

Fossil fuel share of KiwiSaver money drops as oil company shares tank

Wed Aug. 19th 2020

A drop of 23 per cent in the amount of KiwiSaver money invested in fossil fuel companies like BHP, Exxon Mobil, and Chevron in the 12 months (to end March) has been driven by a decimation of oil company share prices via the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Budget - Does It Deliver A Better Future?

Tue May 12th 2020

An early analysis of whether the Budget will put us on track towards a just and sustainable economy.

Mindful Money funds outperform the average

Thu April 9th 2020

Ethical investing shows better performance during COVID-19. Funds on the Mindful Money platform have outperformed the average.

What you need to know about the share market

Thu March 26th 2020

This will be a time to remember. We will recall suffering, loss and hardship but hopefully we will also have memories about how we came together to overcome this pandemic – caring for others and building community.

Is there greenwashing in your KiwiSaver?

Tue March 10th 2020

There has been huge growth in the number of people who want their KiwiSaver to be ‘green’ or ‘ethical’. Most fund providers claim to be responsible investors, but sadly, greenwashing is common. Mindful Money has the antidote. Transparency is the way to shine light on what’s really in your portfolio. You can see what companies you are invested in, across issues that you may be concerned about. Be prepared for some surprises when you type in the name of your fund in the Fund Checker on Mindful Money’s website!

NZ bans fossil fuels from default funds

Tue March 3rd 2020

Money Management Australia: The New Zealand government has decided fossil fuels will be banned from KiwiSaver funds in line with the desires of its citizens.

Default funds to go fossil free

Mon March 2nd 2020

The government has today taken the decision to require ethical standards for default KiwiSaver funds, including exclusion of fossil fuels. This protects the interests of those who do not make a specific choice of funds when they sign up to KiwiSaver. The government has a responsibility to ensure their money is not invested in fossil fuels and other companies that cause social and environmental harm.

Default KiwiSaver fossil fuel ban

Mon March 2nd 2020

Barry discusses the government announcement with Hayley Holt on TVNZ Breakfast

Govt tweaks KiwiSaver settings to put more money in investor accounts and excludes fossil fuels

Sun March 1st 2020

By Susan Edmonds, 1 March, 2020 The government has made KiwiSaver default funds required to be balance funds and not conservatively invested, this means more money invested in growth assets such as shares. While there may be more volatility for balances as a result, customers who do nothing should end up better off over the long term because growth assets outperform over time. It has also required default funds to exclude investment in fossil fuels.

How to tell an ethical KiwiSaver from a greenwashed one

Fri Feb. 7th 2020

83% of us expect our KiwiSaver to be invested responsibly. But if you've ever tried to find a good ethical fund, you'll know it's not as simple as it sounds. For one thing, everyone has different ethics. For another, companies report on different things in different ways, because there's no legal standard on how to report ethical issues.

Retirement commissioner rejects raising superannuation age

Tue Feb. 4th 2020

The Retirement Review has called for the government to increase resources at the office of the Retirement Commissioner, the Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC), and fund the financial research charity Mindful Money.

When will the business elite walk the talk?

Tue Feb. 4th 2020

The elite attendees at the Davos forum can talk a good talk on sustainability but, with other business leaders and investors, many are happy to leave actual change to others.

Is KiwiSaver still important in the age of lifelong renters

Tue Dec. 31st 2019

KiwiSaver can also be an easy way to stage a small-scale protest write Alice Webb-Liddall for the Spinoff, who found it surprising to learn that many KiwiSaver funds invest in areas like fossil fuels, weaponry and human rights abuses.

'One and done' attitude stalling women's advance in the boardroom

Tue Nov. 19th 2019

The New Zealand Census of Women on Boards, by Dr Judy McGregor, barrister Cat MacLennan and Sam Stubbs from the Simplicity KiwiSaver scheme, shows that the boards of the top 100 publicly listed companies are still overwhelmingly male and Pākehā.

Growing popularity of ethical and responsible investing

Wed Oct. 30th 2019

The growing popularity of ethical and responsible investing appears to be being felt in investment fund decisions and company behaviour.

Survey finds New Zealanders demanding ethical Kiwisaver investments

Wed Oct. 30th 2019

New Zealanders are prepared to switch KiwiFund providers if they find their investments don't match their values, a new survey has revealed.

Global investment funds driving increased fossil fuel investment

Tue Oct. 29th 2019

From Nine to Noon, Radio NZ 29 October 2019 Climate change awareness and action is on the rise, but to what extent are New Zealanders investing in one of the main drivers of climate change - the fossil fuel industry?

The KiwiSaver scheme 'controversy-rating' all its investments

Mon Oct. 28th 2019

By Rob Stock in Stuff 28 October 2019 CareSaver uses Sustainalytics to help it avoid companies investing in industries its investors wish to avoid, such as tobacco, factory farming, controversial as well as civilian weapons, fossil fuels, gambling, and animal-testing. But it’s also using the Dutch company to give companies a controversy rating.

Eight in 10 KiwiSavers expect no human rights abusers or tax-dodgers in their funds

Mon Oct. 28th 2019

The latest survey by Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) and Mindful Money shows 83 per cent of investors expect their KiwiSaver or other investments to be invested responsibly and ethically as a matter of course, and for the first time that included avoiding companies that didn't pay their fair share of tax.

Is your KiwiSaver fund fueling climate change?

Fri Oct. 25th 2019

By Tamsyn Parker in NZ Herald 25 October 2019 KiwiSaver funds have more than $500 million invested in the 20 biggest fossil fuel producers which have been linked to a third of all carbon emissions in the modern era, research has found.

KiwiSaver funds still have exposure to nuclear weapons industry

Thu Oct. 24th 2019

Investments in companies involved with nuclear weapons still feature in dozens of KiwiSaver funds. ANZ, ASB, AMP, BNZ, Kiwi Wealth and Westpac were among those with funds still tainted with exposure to the nuclear arms industry, despite a growing number of New Zealanders saying they don’t want their superannuation funds invested unethically.

KiwiSaver is changing to match Kiwis' moral values, but needs to go further

Wed Oct. 9th 2019

KiwiSaver fund providers still lag the government-run NZ Super Fund's ethical lead, and there's growing pressure on KiwiSaver providers to go further in cleaning up their funds.

Funds label system needed to avoid KiwiSaver 'greenwashing'

Mon Sept. 30th 2019

The taxpayer-funded Commission for Financial Capability finds KiwiSaver funds’ claims to be socially and environmentally responsible are not clearly matched by their documentation.

Women are more likely to invest responsibly

Sun Sept. 29th 2019

Rob Stock looks at research by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) finding more women than men expect their KiwiSaver funds to be invested responsibly and ethically regardless of whether they were in a fund that was badged as socially responsible.

Mary Holm's Q&A NZ Herald Column

Sat Sept. 21st 2019

Finance guru Mary Holm tells a reader how Mindful Money can help find out what’s in their current KiwiSaver fund as well as how to find one that fits their values.

Baby Boomers just as interested in ethical investing as Millennials

Fri Sept. 20th 2019

An article in Stuff looks at how older New Zealanders (aged over 50) are more likely than average to expect their investments to be made responsibly and ethically by fund and KiwiSaver managers. They also say they’re more likely to choose the KiwiSaver provider they perceive is best on sustainability.

Taking a more ethical stand with your Kiwisaver

Tue Sept. 17th 2019

Alice Webb-Liddell in the Spinoff looks at how increasing the transparency in our investment funds will make ethical investing easier. And not only is it increasingly possible to invest ethically, it is likely to be more profitable.

RNZ Radio 5 Sept 2019 | Mary Holm

Thu Sept. 5th 2019

Finance guru Mary Holm talks to Jesse Mulligan about Mindful Money's conference and website, and how to make sure your KiwiSaver is invested responsibly.

RNZ Radio 27 June 2019 | Mary Holm

Thu June 27th 2019

Finance guru Mary Holm talks to Jesse Mulligan about new developments in ethical investing, including Mindful Money's new website.

Kiwisaver: Are you investing in guns?

Mon March 25th 2019

Following the terror attack in Christchurch, people have focused on the role of weapons in our society. An article in Stuff today looks at Kiwisaver investment funds and states that out of the 254 funds on the market, just 16 are weapons free.

How to go weapons-free in your KiwiSaver portfolio

Sun March 24th 2019

An article in Stuff today looks at the prevalence of weapons in KiwiSaver funds. The large majority of KiwiSavers wanted gun-free KiwiSaver schemes even before the shootings in Christchurch, but providers have not responded.

Use your Money for Good: news round-up

Sun Dec. 16th 2018

An update on some of the latest news on responsible investment: Climate talks in Poland, the government's Green Investment Fund, and Pure Advantage's roadmap for impact investing.

A return to values

Mon Oct. 22nd 2018

Investors are looking to align their investments with their values, writes Tom McKinlay in the Otago Daily Times.

Ethical (or responsible) investings

Thu Sept. 20th 2018

Finance guru Mary Holm talks about ethical investment and Mindful Money's survey.

New KiwiSaver tool to help investors avoid animal cruelty, gambling and porn

Tue Sept. 18th 2018

Investors who want to avoid having their money in gambling, pornography or companies involved in animal cruelty or human rights abuse will be able to match their values to a KIwiSaver fund under a new online tool, writes Tamsyn Parker in the Herald.