Tackling Greenwash

Thu Oct. 17th 2019

Many New Zealanders who want to invest ethically are confused by the lack of clear definitions and put off by unsubstantiated claims of being 'ethical, responsible or green'. The FMA want to tackle these issues. They have released a consultation paper and invite submissions by 5pm on 24th October.

Report on the Mindful Money Conference: Investing in Sustainability, held at KPMG, 3rd September 2019

Mon Sept. 16th 2019

Finance has a central role in determining whether and how fast New Zealand and other countries transition towards net zero emissions, stronger sustainability and higher levels of well being. The conference saw financial industry leaders discuss the challenges in reorienting investment towards sustainability.

Raising the bar for default KiwiSaver funds

Fri Sept. 13th 2019

The government is consulting on its review of default KiwiSaver funds. If you have some time, it would be great if you could send in a submission. It doesn’t need to take long.

Mindful Money Founder Barry Coates | Fairfield Conference 2019

Thu June 13th 2019

Mindful Money's founder, Barry Coates, gave a keynote speech at the inaugural Fairfield conference on social justice through ethical trade at AUT in March. It …

The Value of Everything

Thu May 23rd 2019

In her new book the researcher and author, Mariana Mazzucato recalls Goldman Sachs boasting about its record of wealth creation a year after the Global Financial Crisis. To term this a 'creation of wealth' ignores the massive destruction of financial, social and human wealth as a result of the GFC and the financial institutions whose reckless lending contributed to the crisis. The book makes it clear that not all economic activity is about creation of wealth.

What’s The Evidence Of Better Returns From Responsible Investment?

Thu May 23rd 2019

There is now growing evidence that returns from responsible investment are, on average, at least as high as from conventional investing, and probably higher.

Financing Zero

Thu May 23rd 2019

Making the shift towards net zero carbon emissions in New Zealand by 2050 will be a monumental challenge and will require action across many fronts – public action, institutional reform, a decent carbon price, changes in land use and our agricultural system, and government leadership through regulation.

Choosing the Fund that Fits

Mon May 13th 2019

Mindful Money aims to change the ways that New Zealanders think about their investments, so that they give greater priority to directing their funds towards social and environmentally beneficial outcomes. Investors will be supported and empowered to direct their investment towards credible forms of responsible investment and impact investment.

Ten Years Since The GFC – Change Can Start With Us

Sun Sept. 9th 2018

It is now ten years since the global financial crisis was kicked off by the collapse of Lehman Brothers. We explore what changes have and haven't been made and how financial institutions are shaping up to use investment as a force for good.

Show Me The Money

Wed Aug. 22nd 2018

The tide is turning towards deeper action on sustainability and responsible investment is a huge step in the right direction towards change.

Good Corp, Bad Corp

Fri July 27th 2018

The pay-off for responsible corporate companies is supported by growing evidence of higher returns to investment funds that tilt towards good social, environmental and governance practice.

Mindful Investing for a Sustainable Future

Tue July 24th 2018

The time has come for a massive switch in funding towards low emissions and sustainability through responsible investment of our Kiwisavers.